Clear Braces

This is a favorable alternative to traditional braces because the braces are nearly invisible and does not interfere with your lifestyle. Having a correctly aligned bite is crucial to your dental health. Most dentists agree that a better bite helps your teeth withstand biting forces so they last a lot longer. Also, a person with a better bite is much less likely to clench and grind their teeth, or to develop symptoms of TMJ such as head, neck and facial pain.

If your bite needs to be corrected, clear braces are a terrific choice. Also known as ceramic or tooth-colored braces, clear braces blend in naturally with your teeth making them barely noticeable. They are much more discreet than metal braces and much less irritating to your mouth. For some people it’s even possible to have the braces on the back of the teeth instead of on the front so that there is absolutely nothing visible!

This treatment is offered at our Sister office at our sister company: Dental Care Stamford. Conveniently  located in the same building, just on the third floor. This option is only available for adults. 18+