About the New and Improved DentalCareOrthodontics.com

About the New & Improved Website

Story behind Why we Updated our Website

Just like our teeth, DentalCareOrthodntics.com needed a transformation. When we designed the this new web page we gave some thought to what we are doing and more importantly, why we are doing it. Sure as orthodontists we spend our days with wires and braces to give our patients a better bite and a nicer smile. But we also want to know that we are contributing and making a positive difference in our families, our lives, and our work.

So what is the best way to do that? How do you know you are doing that?

Since we cannot go back in time, we have to do something called FUTURE FOCUSING. Which is to think about:

    1. How do you want things to be in the future? 
    2. And do the things now that will lead to the desired future.

At Dental Care Orthodontics we spend our days working with patients to give them a healthy and attractive smile. We do that because we know that what we do today will give our patients two things:

    1. Their teeth fit together better:
      If their teeth fit together better, then they will have a better bite. A better bite will help their gums be healthier and let them bite or chew more efficiently. It also reduces dental damage from teeth clenching and grinding.
    2. Open doors for more opportunities:
      If they have a more attractive smile, we know from many studies that it will help them have a better self-image. In other words, they will generally feel better about themselves. And people who feel better about themselves have more self-confidence. When people have more self-confidence they are more willing to go for it. More likely to try new things. And people who do that are more likely to make more friends, get more promotions at work, and have more successful social interactions.

So we realized that what we are really about is that our mission is really to help our patients to become their personal best.

“Become their Personal Best” is the theme of www.DentalCareOrthodontics.com:

Helping our patients become their personal best now and in the future. As much as we love our work every day dealing with our patients we decided to go the extra mile and reach out to our patients that we treated years ago and touch base with some of them to see how they are doing now. When you look at other orthodontists’ web pages you will notice pictures of teeth but you don’t know if they are real patients treated at their office. But When you look at our web page, you will see dozens of our actual patients with real pictures of their before and afters. You will also see something we have never seen on a dentist’s web page… We have included photos of real patients years after we treated them.

How did we do it:

By using computer technology you will see three pictures that we stitched together. You see the patient’s smile before braces, after braces, and then you will see them all grown up. The all-grown-up photos are pictures our patients or parents sent to us years after treatment was completed. Some are school graduation pictures from high school or college. Some are pictures from work and just out having fun.

When we look back it is very rewarding to see how what we do really makes a big difference so we are super proud of what we have done and are doing. And we are super grateful for the opportunity to help our patients and very appreciative that our patients were willing to share their “grown-up” pictures with us for this new web page. From all of us at Dental Care, we Thank you!

If you would also like to contribute to the new website with your “all grown up” photos, please email [email protected]. Subject: DCO Patient All Grownup. We will be honored to share your transformation!

Take a look around the website:

Not only does it showcase our beautiful patients but it was also designed to improve your braces experience. It has a lot of great information and resources you can access before, during, and after your journey! 

I love that I am able to help set my patients up for success by creating healthier smiles with improved function and aesthetics. The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the inevitable boost in confidence that comes with successful orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Gina Gill

Transform Your Smile

Real Cases, Real Patients, Real Smiles Treated at Dental Care Orthodontics.

Below are just some of the amazing smile transformations completed here. 

We are not your ordinary orthodontic office. We do not just fix smiles we help our patients become their personal best! Click the link below to view how treatment has not only transformed their smile but has transformed their lives.


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