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The first day with braces is a lot like the first day you got eyeglasses, went ice-skating, started a new musical instrument or drove a car… It sure feels strange. You cheeks and tongue are like…OMG what is all this stuff in there?

After a short time your mouth will get used to everything and learn to become friends with the brackets and wires. Now we’re not saying BFF… but it all starts to blend in.

When you have braces you have to give extra care to brushing, flossing or irrigating in order to keep your teeth clean. And you’ll also have to pay attention to the food you eat because some types of food can cause damage.

Regular Checkups

In addition to regular visits to your dentist for cleanings, you’ll also need to regularly check in with your orthodontist. Seeing you every so often helps us ensure that your progress continues along as steadily and efficiently as possible.

Oops... It Broke

Even the most careful person will occasionally have a broken or lose bracket, wire or band. If this should happen to we have several tips and quick fixes for some of the most common problems to hold you over until you have time to get to us.

Careful Cleaning

Plaque and food particle removal helps avoid cavities and gum disease. But teeth with braces are harder to keep clean – Food, plaque and germs can get trapped very easily. Both regular cleanings and thorough at-home care are a must.


Before we put your braces on we’ll help you better understand what  food are considered “braces friendly” and what kinds of food are best to avoid because they can stick to, break or knock off your braces.

Examples of foods to avoid

  • Chewy foods like bagels
  • Crunchy foods such as popcorn, chips, or ice
  • Sticky foods like caramels or chewing gum
  • Hard foods like nuts or hard candies

Some examples braces friendly foods

  • Pastas, soft breads, rice and mashed potatoes
  • Ice cream, cheese, yogurt and smoothies
  • Fresh fish
  • Raw fruits and veggies (use caution!)
  • Sauteed, steamed or cooked veggies

When your braces come off there is a lot of singing, dancing, jumping and yelling YAYYYYY! Then you immediately take a huge bite out of an apple, maybe a bagel with that cream cheese with nuts in it or some fresh carrots and then go out for dinner and order some of the foods you have been dying for….Oh yeah… back to the dental details….

Once we remove your braces you’ll receive a removable appliance called a retainer that holds your teeth in their new position. By wearing the retainer you allow the tissues, meaning the bone, elastic membranes around the roots, the gums, tongue and lips to all adapt themselves to the new tooth positions. Your teeth can move if they aren’t retained so it’s  extremely important to wear your retainers as directed!

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